Aera created an album of wind insturments. The wind was the clear theme illustrated with a collage of many photos of trees, cloudy skies, landscapes and one lone wild horse.

Noam Vazana, Love Migration

Love Migration is an album that captures in 11 songs, the challenges of the singer songwriter‘s migration to Europe all while having a long distance relationship. I photographed Noam and photoshopped it into smoky clouds and migrating birds to illustrate the theme of the album.

Die Drei Kantoren

The Berlin based Kantoren trio, sings traditional jewish music. A tight vocal and funny group as they are, I illustared them to convey that. For the follow up album the illustration has them (and guest performers on the album) having the traditional (and way too long) Passover dinner together.

Nani Andalusian Brew

This album is of traditional Ladino songs. I photographed Nani (Noam Vazana) while using basic light and her fabelous dress to create this mood that fits the intimacy of the songs. For the CD‘s inside spread, we chose a photo I took of the festive crowd in Fez, Morrocco, which i was lucky enough to visited a short time before this design was made.