Nani Noam Vazana, Ke Haber

Ke Haber is what‘s new in Ladino, a Judaeo-Spanish ancient language. The album comes from the old traditions and into new ones, as the artwork illustrates in its way. I had the pleasure of taking the photo for this cover in Nani‘s studio. the collage that followed is my favourite way of creating artwork for music.


Aera created an album of wind insturments. I illustrated this theme of wind blowin into sounds with a collage of several photos of trees, cloudy skies, landscapes and even one wild horse.

Tal Koch

The artwork for Tal reflects the themes of living on the line of Berlin Tel Aviv and his sensitivity filled with wonder, angst and dreams.

Thirza Athalja, Enigma

The heartfelt jazz, the search of a home and the title. This artwork conveys that and adds to the elusiveness of Thirza Athalja. even while looking right into the viewer.

Die Drei Kantoren, Believe it or not!

This the 3rd album artwork that I illustrated and designed for die Drei Kantoren. Based in Berlin, the group sings jewish folk songs, some sad and moving but they always mix it up with some light hearted songs and jokes between to delight their audiences. This healthy appetite for humour, allowed me to illustrate them as rock stars playing to thousands of adoring fans. This last album did in fact feature multiple musicians and they are all illustrated on the front cover. The back cover has more inside jokes as some of the characters in the audience are past members of the group and the producer who funded the recordings also got to be illustrated to the delight of everyone as he very much liked.